From the Desk of: AIDAN DUFFY,

Oracle Gold Level Partner, Consultant, Author


Understanding Oracle is one thing…

Knowing how to discover project requirements, design, configure, create solutions, test, analyze and support a business after your project goes live?

…that’s another story.

What I’m about to show you will dramatically increase your ability to “talk the talk” to businesses, managers, and CEOs, selling your skills as a Functional Consultant and giving businesses the key tools, indicators, and even language they need to increase revenue…

You’re about to learn how to use, apply, and master essential skills of Functional Consultants, but that’s not where you’re learning process ends, because…


“Talking the Oracle Talk” Definitely Pays Off…


But to really provide an impact to your current company (or the future employer I’ll help you find), you need to understand how to support projects for the long term.

This is where Oracle Functional Consultants really “make the grade.” And it doesn’t matter…

  • If you’re in a business super/power user role,

  • Currently an IT professional looking to move up,

  • An Oracle Techie ready to become functional or functional consultant,

  • If you’re already an Oracle Functional Consultant ready to learn and earn more,

  • Or a cross-trainer from another IT area…

It’s time for you to discover how Oracle Functional Consulting knowledge can help your current employer achieve organizational goals—or how you can triple your hireability with outside companies, because…

…Knowing How to Apply Your Knowledge Using the Skills You’re About to Learn Pays Even Better.


Now I’m about to show you everything you need to know to BECOME a functional consultant.


When I say, everything, you’ll learn everything including…

  • What Functional Consulting Really Is,

  • How Your Future Boss Views Functional Consulting,

  • The Keywords You’ll Use to Get an Interview,

  • Terms Hiring Managers Look for on LinkedIn,

  • What Your CV Should Look Like (Even if You Have ZERO Experience),

  • What You Need to Say, Do, and How to Act at Every Step to Get Hired,

  • How to Handle the Interview Process,

  • The Skills You’ll Use Day To Day…


I could keep this list going on for hours and hours of video training (I actually do below), but my point is this:

 You’re about to learn much more than just “how to get hired.”

Right now, you think getting the job is the hard part, and that’s part of it…

But, I’m also going to show you the skills you need to know for a successful consulting career, how to apply them, and how to help your clients (or employer) understand them. That means…

  • Elena Rizea
    Designed by ILoveOracle to teach the Key Skills necessary to improve hireability of a Functional Consultant, the Functional Consultant Launch Formula is also very helpful for those who are new to Oracle and want to break in the field. Aidan uses his extensive experience as Oracle consultants to present key deliverables for each phase of an implementation project following a real life scenario. I found the personal coaching session offered by Aidan also to be of great value. Based on an initial interview with Aidan a recommendation report was tailored to my specific situation taking in consideration my strengths and current opportunities."
    Elena Rizea

    If You’re Willing to Join Me,
      I’m Ready to Triple Your Hireability,
        And Give You the Skills You Need to Succeed.

Let me tell you about who I am (in case you don’t know me) and we’ll cut right to the chase…

You can skip this part if you want, but I think it’s important to understand before you read another word.

My name is Aidan Duffy and I have nearly 20 years under my belt as an independent Functional Consultant.

Oracle asked me to publish my thoughts on becoming a consultant and they published a book you may have read: "The Oracle Opportunity - A Blueprint for Success as an Oracle Consultant"

I have been invited onto the Oracle Gold Level Partner program.

And have helped dozens upon dozens of functional consultants launch their careers.

Today, it’s your turn.

You’re About to Discover the 6 Key Skills of a Functional Consultant and How to BUILD YOUR CAREER On Them.

Are you ready?

Because I’ve taken all of my experience, knowledge, know-how and lessons from years spent educating functional consultants and put them into a complete step-by-step training program

This program is 100% online and includes each of the 6 key skills successful functional consultants need to master, how to apply them, and how to build your career on them.

Along the way, I’m going to show you what you need to do to get hired, what to do once you get hired, and how to create unbelievable results throughout your career.

I can’t tell you how incredibly important this is because…

  • Yemi Onigbode - Oracle Consultant and Author
    5.0 out of 5 stars A "MUST HAVE" for budding Oracle Consultants

    "I have just had a quick look at the book - I like it. Well done. I just kept on saying WOW!!!.  The reason is this, over the past 12 years I have been mentoring a lot of Oracle consultants and I must have mentored over 100 successful contractors over the years, and this book simply goes through what I cover from end-to-end. This is really great." A "cut the chase" practical guide for the budding Oracle Consultant. It provides a roadmap that will enable you to focus on the steps that will enable you to market your functional / technical skills. It also describes in detail the relevant skills required to excel in this industry. Other practical insights include interview techniques, pre/post project preparation and many, more relevant areas to enable you to become a successful consultant!

    Yemi Onigbode - Oracle Consultant and Author

Nearly NO ONE Understood How to Start a Career as a Functional Consultant…Until Now…

The Functional Launchpad

The Secrets, Skills, and Standards for In-Demand Functional Consulting, FINALLY REVEALED!


With 29+ video trainings equivalent value to Oracle certification across the Ebusiness Suite, you’ll get an inside look at functional consulting, and the complete education you need to build a career.


 You’ll learn…

  • What a functional consultant actually does (and why you can’t go to college for training like this) …

  • How to leverage the 6 key skills of a functional consultant to triple your hireability

  • 3 Oracle e-Business flows you’ll need to know if you want to sound (and act) like an expert…

  • Starting your project off on the right foot – complete mastery of requirements and objectives…

  • Why no one understands most consultants and how you can be the go-to person on each and every project (because people will know what you are talking about!)

  • My “20 Year Career Formula” for unprecedented earnings, success, and incredible reputation (HINT: It’s all built on Functional Specifications you’re about to learn)…

  • Why getting involved in unit testing early on will completely save you later…

  • What a functional expert looks like in the testing phase, how to act like you’re an expert, and innovative ways to get everyone on a project team singing your praises…

  • How to make veteran cutovers like you’re on the Oracle Dev Team (and GET ALL THE CREDIT)…

  • All the techniques you’ll use to become a must-have team member for every Oracle EBS/Cloud project

  • And so much more!

  • Kevin Chung
    Thank you to Aidan. The course was well structured and I have been very impressed with the knowledge that the presenters have on the different Oracle modules. Very good high level tutorial on Oracle and serves as a good road map for further learning.
    Kevin Chung

Just Take a Look at What Your Complete, Step-by-Step Training Includes…

  • 29+ training modules designed to leverage current industry best practices. You’ll learn essential functional skills, business and system objectives, models and modelling processes, business data structures and much, much more…

  • The 6 most important skills you’ll use as a Functional Consultant. Mastering these 6 skills will triple your hireability within 30 days of watching this training (I say triple because everyone needs to know these and no one else is teaching them)…

  • Lessons from real-life scenarios, step-by-step guidance, and complete analysis of models, lists, data structures and more. You’ll actually use many of the models you’re about to learn every day in your career…

  • A “Functional Quadrant Formula” you’ll use to understand your role as a functional consultant. When it comes to breaking into the job, you’ll leverage this formula alongside your current skillset and previous experience…

  • How to “get comfortable” in skillsets you’re not comfortable in, how to explain skill gaps to potential employers, and one key technique you’ll use to overcome objections during interviews…

  • Key Work Products—finally fully understand Rd .005, RD .045, RD .011, RA .023, RA .024, and MC .010 (also, if you don’t know the short names for these requirements yet, skip to this lesson) …

  • The future process model, explained in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand (even if they have limited Oracle experience) …

  • Task-by-task and step-by-step instructions to complete completing requirements for each project. Follow along as I show you not only how to complete requirements but how your team, manager, and others will talk about them…

  • Design skills detailed – from Business data structure setups to analysis specification and application setup, you’ll understand exactly how to design like you’ve been working with Oracle for 10+ years…

  • Testing requirements, strategy, data, scenarios, system test plan, and acceptance test plan – learn when to use each, why to use them, and how to effectively communicate test results and adapt within a team environment…

  • 6 follow-along conference calls where you’ll exponentially increase your knowledge, discovering how to expand your role, value, and income in a business and consulting environment…

  • Methods you can use to build your personal brand, expand your skills, prove your worth to potential clients and employers, earn more, and leverage social media to expand opportunities…

  • And much, much more in one of the only complete guides to becoming an Oracle Functional Consultant!

  • Siddique
    No doubt there is a huge gap between me and Oracle but I hope that I can fill the gap through Mr. Aidan’s program “Functional Consultant Launch Formula” and this will be a great hope for me and I will try to work hard on this. I want to say don’t loose the heart still opportunities will be there keep on working. Thank you Best Regards Siddique

Here's a Preview Of What You'll Discover in This Ultimate Oracle Functional Course

  • Functional Launchpad Intro

      6 Key Functional Skills

          Real-Life Scenario Overview

            Oracle Functional Consultant Launchpad - Launch Lesson Planner

          • Objectives Key Skill

            Business and System Objectives

          • Requirements Key Skill

              Future Process Model

                System Context Diagram

                  MoSCoW List

                    Use Case Modelling

                      Use Case Specification

                        Business Data Structures

                      • Design Key Skill

                          Business Data Structure Setups

                            Analysis Specification

                              Application Setups

                              • Build Key Skill

                                Unit Test Script

                              • Testing Key Skill

                                  Testing Requirements

                                    Testing Strategy

                                      Static Test Data

                                        System Test Scenarios

                                          System Test Plan

                                            Acceptance Test Plan

                                          • Transition Key Skill

                                              Cutover Plan

                                                Set of Books Migration

                                                  Transaction Cutover Overview

                                                • Bonuses

                                                    Conference Call Course - Promotional

                                                      Conference Call Course - Introduction

                                                        Conference Call Course - Objectives and Requirements

                                                          Conference Call Course - Design and Build

                                                            Conference Call Course - Test and Transition

                                                              Conference Call Course - Wrap Up and QA

                                                                Personal Branding

                                                                  LinkedIn Course

                                                                AND – The Ongoing Support You Need to Succeed with Each and Every Project…

                                                                In addition to everything listed above, multiple worksheets, downloadable slides, formulas, processes and more…access to a private, members only Facebook Group is included.

                                                                As a member of the Functional Launchpad Facebook Group, you’ll join the supportive network you need to tackle nearly any Oracle project.

                                                                This resource alone will be worth quite literally tens of thousands each and every year as you look to your peers to troubleshoot problems, develop new ideas, and become a go-to functional consultant.

                                                                Additionally, I’ll provide support through a Whatsapp Group, included at absolutely no cost.

                                                                • Bala
                                                                  I am enjoying all the sessions and it is well crafted by Aidan to make our life very easy. Many thanks to Aidan. Gratitude.!!!!!

                                                                PLUS - These “Act Now or Lose Them” Bonuses:


                                                                Your training doesn’t end when the video classroom stops playing!


                                                                When you enroll in The Functional Launchpad today, you’ll also get access to essential “get hired NOW” training and resource materials including…


                                                                • FREE LinkedIn Profile and CV Review – I’ll personally edit, critique, and fix your CV so you get hired!

                                                                • FREE Job Specification Review – Ever wonder what hiring managers are really looking for? This is it.

                                                                • FREE Functional Consultant Launch Formula – This is a personalized career coaching service dedicated to finding you a job!

                                                                • FREE SQL Course Notes for Functional Consultants – Use this secret weapon to land your very first project (you’ll be incredibly far ahead of every other consultant).

                                                                • The COMPLETE LinkedIn Course for Functional Consultants – Learn what your profile needs to look like to land your dream job.

                                                                • My Personal Introduction to 2k+ LinkedIn Network – I’ve taken all the work out of networking for you (for FREE if you order today).


                                                                Everything listed above is available today for FREE if you order now!

                                                                These limited time bonuses alone are worth more than the registration cost for the 29+ video lesson Functional Launchpad course.

                                                                You’ll use these bonuses resources to land jobs, outperform other consultants, and become a member of my personal network of functional consultants.


                                                                Legion of Satisfied Students Have Used Functional Launchpad to Jumpstart Oracle Consulting Careers:

                                                                • Daniel Osei-Wusu
                                                                  "Although l missed the first session,just want to let people know that, what we are getting here is awesome. You can never get it anywhere else. I was on a project for a couple of years.After the project i noticed quickly that there were gaps in my knowledge which needed to be bridged much quickly. I benefited from the slides on Business Process Flow, since this tend to come up on most interviews. Thanks to Aidan"
                                                                  Daniel Osei-Wusu
                                                                • Rajkumar Manavalan
                                                                  I have attended Aiden's OracleSix Key Functional Skills Training Program. I would like to recommment him for the training provided and his personal coaching to become an excellent Functional Consultant. This training really helped me to learn 6 Key Functional Skills and OUM Key Products. and worth for Worth for each Penny. He showed interest in understanding my interests , aspirations and goals. He analyzed in detail. He delivered clear recommendation file fbased on my interest & aspiration to achieve I am completely satified with his training program and peronal coaching. I would recommend this training program to anyone who is interested become a Oracle Functional Consultant or who want to improve their functional skills.
                                                                  Rajkumar Manavalan

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                                                                Click below right now to join me and please, let me know if you have any questions.