This post contains my notes on a webinar I attended by Undercover Recruiter titled “How to be found by recruiters on Linkedin”.

I follow Undercover Recruiter to see the recruiter/consultant relationship from the recruitment perspective, to better understand how to work with recruiters. Jorgen Sundberg (@JorgenSundberg) is the Undercover Recruiter, the blog is

So Jorgen started by talking about social recruitment, how recruitment is less episodic and more of a rolling effort. This means recruiters spend time looking at candidates over a longer period, and create a talent network of people that they use when individual roles arise. In this model recruiters will search for candidates repeatedly, and re-confirm their suitability for the list of roles available at that time.

So from a candidate’s perspective, how do I let a recruiter know what I am doing, that I have progressed to a more advanced role, that I have picked up new skills, that I have been recommended for a particular task?

The answer of course is via Linkedin. Linkedin now has 200 million members, and I completely agree with Jorgen this is the best way to let the recruitment community know what you are currently doing. Jorgen then focussed on where recruiters look in your profile.

  • Headline – Customizable, add text to stand out
  • Picture – Professional picture
  • Employer – Make sure your latest experience is updated
  • Summary – 3-4 paragraphs of clients, achievements, call to action(Contact me to talk about opportunities in… at this number…

For instance this is my Linked profile


You can see how I customized my headline from the default(current position at current client). I have added my consulting blog to my current positions(it represents my independent consultancy company, which has been running since 1999). Note also Linkedin see my profile as “All-Star”. Jorgen suggests a summary of 3-4 paragraphs, my current summary as at March 2013 is slightly longer.

Jorgen also suggests an outreach strategy to build your online profile:

  • Grow your networ- build by adding other consultants, recruiters, industry thought leaders
  • Identify Target companies & individuals – where you might like to work in future
  • Use Linkedin Tools to get closer – Status updates, Groups, Q&A, Slideshare, Youtube
  • Reach out politely -have a reason for connecting, personalize your invite
  • Keep online & offline dynamic moving – meet your contacts at conferences, for coffee

In my opinion to stand out as an Oracle consultant it is vital to have a public, searchable record of what you have achieved, and your professional opinions. This website is that record for me, but i know not everyone wants to be a blogger. In fact i post a lot of content onto my Linkedin profile, as I know more people will see it there. Linkedin allows you as a candidate to tell your story to the world, it’s completely free, and it’s fun.

The tips provided by Jorgen summarised above allow you to form long-lasting relationships with recruiters in this social recruiting model. Following these tips will allow you to stand out from the average candidate, get recruiters attention, and the best opportunities as a result.

You can see my profile at

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