Hello and Happy New Year!

In 2014 I will be starting my Experts Q&A Interview Series with various experts in the Oracle industry. I hope to learn a great deal from these Oracle experts during the interviews and the good news is you can get involved!The list of experts is secret for the moment but rest assured it will include some of the Oracle industries brightest names, and my goal is to give you the information you need to enter or dominate your local Oracle Consulting market.

The first Expert Q&A call in the series is with James Parker of Ntrinsic Consulting (http://ntrinsic.net/). James has been working in the European Oracle Recruitment market for more than 15 years. I first worked with James in 2001 and he is my first telephone call when I am looking for work in the European market.I highly recommend James and he should provide useful information for Oracle people intending to work in the European and UK market.
So what would you like to ask him?

In order to collect your replies please complete the survey below.


Just to get you thinking I might ask something like:

  • What are European Oracle clients looking for in a consulting candidate?
  • What types of personalities succeed in Oracle consulting?
  • What skills are currently in demand in European market?

So please complete the survey and watch out for further information on the Q&A call…

Aidan Duffy

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