I’m doing some research at the moment on the size of the Oracle market, and one quick way is to do some Linkedin searches to find out the state of the nation.

I looked at two aspects of this

  • How many Oracle people are there in my market?
  • How Much Experience does my competition have?

How Many Oracle People are there in my Market?

One of the Four Pillars of a Consulting Career (http://bit.ly/QcxlUs) is “Position Yourself”. So as an Oracle person what do you call yourself? Would a recruiter see you as the same thing? If you want to be hired for Business Analyst roles, is this term actually on your profile?

LinkedIn Searches for the below terms resulted in the following chart. The big limitation to this way of searching is; individuals will appear in multiple totals if they have these terms in their profile. So 4708 people have “Oracle Technical” in their profile, but some of these will also appear in the “Oracle Consultant” total.


  • Almost 5k Oracle Technical people
  • Almost 3k with Business Analyst positions on their profile
  • Lots of Oracle Consultants, comparatively few Oracle contractors
  • You can guarantee that the desirability of being known as a consultant will have lots of profiles including that term. Also there are still a few old-school contractors around.
  • 503 Oracle Financials versus 164 Oracle Ebusiness, more people with financials skills versus the broader application set



How Much Experience Does My Competition Have?

A common topic of discussion with my colleagues is “How is the market”. I have this conversation at least once a month with either my colleagues, my Linkedin connections or with recruitment agents. One other thing that cropped up recently is; Where are all the new consultants or contractors? At my current client we have had the same Oracle Ebusiness project team for many years with few exceptions. The ones who deliver are retained and build up so much knowledge it makes sense to re-hire when a new project starts.

So, is it the same on newer client sites? Surely there must be new people getting a start elsewhere? Based on years experience data for the below terms it seems that the majority of people on Linkedin with the below terms have > 10 years experience! Without a doubt the lack of projects in the last 5 years is a huge factor in this. In a booming market we would have a more even spread of experience, as there are only so many experienced guys and new hires would have to fill the remaining roles.

Every independent contractor has a story of agencies offering them huge rates during the good old days, and that things are much worse now. The upside to a recession is if you can stay in employment, there is less new competition! The other possibility is that there are more candidates with less experience but they don’t know or care about Linkedin.


  • Greybeards dominate the market; more People with > 10 years experience than all others put together
  • Tough times for Newbies; almost nobody with < 1 year experience in any search category
  • This may be that starters are not aware of, or don’t care about, LinkedIn



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