This is Aidan Duffy from . Welcome to this month’s Gold CD. On this cd I’m really excited because we have one of our most successful readers and his name is Satish Iyer.

I first started working with Satish in 2013, he got in touch with me on my blog and we started talking about him, his dreams, and how he might achieve them.

You see Satish is not a man who dreams like “One day I hope to understand the monthend close process”, or “In ten years I hope to move 10 feet away to my bosses desk, he has his own coffee machine”

Satish is a man who dreams BIG!

In fact in our very first conversations Satish told me his dream was to move to live and work in USA. At first I thought, “this may be difficult” considering the chances you can succeed where so many others have failed, or still trying after 10 years. But after a while I changed my opinion because it became obvious to me that this guy was willing to do WHATEVER it takes to achieve his dream.

So read on, and find out how Satish achieved his dream of moving to work in USA.

What we discussed:

  • Satish poverty-driven background in India
  • How he got his education
  • His first big break
  • How he moved heaven and earth to live and work in USA
  • The answers to readers Questions provided by you!

You can listen to the interview in mp3 format and read the transcript also in MS Word format to get the complete picture.

MP3 Interview

MS Word Transcript



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