An ERP project team is setup to implement your ERP solution. A project team can take many forms, but for a large project a good team configuration might look like the diagram below. An ERP team wont always be this big, but these roles are advisable even if the same people fulfill more than one role.

Oracle Opportunity Org Chart


The Project Sponsor is the owner of the project. They may be dedicated to this project or manage many others also. Their backing is critical in driving the project through the phases, and they are the ultimate escalation point for project-level issues.

The Project Management Office(PMO) is created to manage the day-day aspects of the project, handle escalations, assign resources etc. The PMO contains the actual Project Manager, assistants and members of the steering group. The Steering Group is responsible for governance of the project and manages project-level decisions that affect the rest of the organization.

The project team is split into functional tracks, Order To Cash, Purchase to Pay, Record to Report reflecting the functionality that a large ERP project would implement. Each functional area is managed by a functional team leader, who are responsible for implementing the functionality in that area.

A functional team lead would have someone responsible for each module being implemented. Order To Cash typically consists of Accounts Receivable, Order Management and Inventory, so there is someone taking a functional lead role in each of these areas. A Data conversion specialist and a subject matter expert (SME) from the Operations completes the functional team. An ERP Super user is a perfect for this SME role.

From a technical perspective the Technical lead manages any updated or new interfaces, customizations, conversion objects, Business Intelligence or other components for the project, and the DBA lead ensures availability and access to the project environments.

In a project based on the above organization chart, you will have team members from various groups;

  • Permanent Staff
  • Independent Consultants
  • Large Consulting Organization

The Project Sponsor, Subject Matter Experts from Operations, Operations Steering Group Member will likely be permanent staff. Project Management personnel may be from large consulting organizations. The functional leads could be Independent Consultants. The technical team members will frequently be offshore large consulting organization personnel.

So to get the desired progress using a large, mixed team like above careful management and close co-operation is required between team members with different skillsets, backgrounds, goals, objectives and motivations.

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