I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for your Oracle consulting needs.  I’ll add to it as I learn more, and I find out more of what you want to is useful to you. I recommend bookingmarking it for your reference and convenience.

If you are a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between, you can find something to help solve your current problem in this section. It lists all kinds of useful information to help in your day-to-day job as an Oracle consultant.

Let me know in the comments, what would you like to see here?


  • ERP User Network – ERP User Network, an excellent blog for Oracle eBusiness discussionsDiscussions on ERP & non-ERP topics
    • Post your issue for resolution by the community
    • White Papers, Articles , documents
    • Very Useful Download section with
      • Test Scripts
      • Configuration Examples
      • Setup documents – FAQ on various module setup options


  • OracleContractors.com/Blog – Articles on Oracle topics
    • Articles written by Oracle consultants on various topics
    • These can be detailed discussions about Oracle topics, or higher-level analytical pieces on
    • issues facing Oracle consultants
    • Also a good place to raise your profile in the Oracle community by writing an article/blog post
    • I wrote a White Paper on Oracle Advanced Pricing, which led to a consulting role offer

Knowledge Resources

I encourage you to think differently about the resources that are available to you. Most of the resources listed below are free:

  • Experience of your colleagues/bossCan you ask a colleague to explain a particular feature to you?
    • Including how it works behind the scenes?
    • Can you swap some of your skills for theirs?
  • Volunteer for extra duties
    • Wouldn’t if be good to learn from someone who does your target area every day?
    • Can you volunteer to help? To shadow them, so that you see what they do every day?
  • Test systems in your current job
    • Can you get access to a test system in your current job
    • Use the test system & manuals to configure a new feature, then run test transactions through it
    • Start with simple tasks, then build up to more complex ones
  • Internet-based database access – OC Test Environments
    • Oraclecontractors.com will give you an account to an Oracle eBusiness database, you just need to register with them, also free
    • This is a sandbox environment, you can check how to use standard processes, change configuration, find out how the application really works
  • Oracle Blogs
    • Oracle blogs are a very useful way of finding out/sharing information
    • Can you post an offer on a blog to swap knowledge – if you teach someone Order Management, will they help you with Receivables?


Oracle Sites:

  • Oracle Manuals – Oracle eBuiness Doc Set
    • The User guides & Implementation guides contain a lot of information on new features.
    • Could you learn how to configure a new module using these guides?
  • Metalink/My Oracle Support Oracle Support
    • You need a Customer Support Identifier(CSI) to access. Does your workplace/college have this support
    • Metalink is one of the largest resources of Oracle information
    • This is the store of every issue raised with Oracle Corporation, answers to most questions you will ever encounter in your career are stored here.
    • Can you resolve that difficult error message using Metalink?

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