As a Business User are you experiencing these problems?

  • My customer data is less than perfect, and it’s affecting some processes. How do I find out what I need to fix and what I can disable?
  • It’s Audit time. I have given the auditors all the data from the system reports and it’s not enough. They keep asking more questions and the system reports don’t provide the answer.
  • All of the system reports give data from either Purchasing or Payables and I spend hours merging reports together to get the complete picture.
  • I would like to meet whoever designed multi-org. Intercompany scenarios require looking across operating units and there isn’t a single report in the system to help me.
  • Some of the system reports are not quite what I need, but I still need to make a decision. I wish I could find out exactly what is in the database.
  • Whoever designed these reports did not do a great job, there is tonnes of useless stuff and nothing I actually need.
  • I know I said that was what I wanted, but in fact we need x, y and z.
  • Whoever designed these interfaces is long gone, what is causing these persistent failures?
  • I spend half my day merging and collating data from standard reports into usable format into Excel

The solution to all of these problems is already available to you, if you can write the SQL to retrieve the data directly from the tables.

My new course SQL for Business Users allows you to:

  • Enables the Business teams to better manage the data they own
  • Get the data you need in the format you need quickly
  • Support any Audit Query swiftly and effectively
  • Respond to management data requests without needing IT
  • Select data from cross-functional areas of the system
  • Workaround Separation of Duties restrictions when selecting data
  • Support Edge Systems without IT
  • Reduce Dependency on standard reports

I have designed a SQL course specifically to address the needs of Business Users with the above in mind, and have delivered this on client site or by web conference. Please contact me to discuss.


Aidan Duffy

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