This audio+presentation post discusses the Testing skill, one of the 6 Key Skills of a Functional Consultant. In particular creating Testing Strategy, one of the first stages in the Testing phase of an Oracle project.

We’ll also discuss how to break into functional consulting using your current skillsets, where you might fit in an Oracle project, and what you would be expected to do during this phase. I share how testing can be used to get great visibility with your client, how testing can be used to become a key consultant, or linchpin, on an Oracle project.

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6 Key Skills of an Oracle Consultant

  • Objectives and Requirements
  • Design and Build
  • Test and Transition

Based on my career, and having studied successful consultants for many years now, these are the six key skills of an Oracle Functional Consultant. These are the skills you want to demonstrate in your cv, your Linkedin profile, talk about in interviews, and with your project manager.

Functional Quadrant – How to use your existing skills to break into Functional Consulting, and develop the full functional skillset from there


Link to Functional Quadrant Post

Test Workflow

Diagram showing the primary Test deliverables on an Oracle project; these are the areas you need to concentrate on.






Testing Workflow Post here:

Workflow Commentary

A list of the key work products or deliverables in the Testing Phase

  • TE.005 Testing Requirements – AIM equivalent TE.010
  • TE.010 Testing Strategy – AIM equivalent TE.010
  • TE.025 System Test Scenarios – AIM equivalent TE.040
  • TE.018 Static Test Data – AIM equivalent TE.010
  • TE.082 Acceptance Test Plan – AIM equivalent TE.010

TE.010 Testing Strategy – AIM equivalent TE.010

The testing strategy is like a partner document almost to the testing requirements. It’s really one of the main documents that help you to mobilize the client organization into testing. The functional consultant wouldn’t necessarily write or prepare this document but this is a key document for the functional team. In the real world this document is one of the key documents in the testing phase.

One of the things you are going to be asked to do is that you’re going to be asked to write the system test scenarios, what is it you’re actually going to test? And that’s the thing, really the main crux of the work that a functional consultant would do on a project.So the test strategy allows all of the project team members to understand what is going to happen on the project.

We’ve produced a sample testing strategy, and it’s filled in along the lines of again the business scenario we’ve discussed before, the Grexit mitigation project.

Work Product document Sections to Note

Section 1 – Introduction

Background to the project and introduction to the testing strategy.

Section 2 – Scope

This document really lists what kind of testing is going to happen, what kind of tests, the testing tasks by class, where does unit testing fits in, where does integration testing fit, who does it, what the approach is going to be, the scripts in the scenarios that are going to get built, and also the approach per task. And that’s a document that’s kind of like your Bible when you are on a project and you are testing, you would refer back to that because it will tell you where things are coming from.

Section 3 System Interfaces

Generates testing strategy

Section 4 – Approach

Referring back to the Objectives RD.001

Different approaches for each type of testing

Section 5 – Test Data

This is a very PM, Project Manager, document and the input from a business analyst or a systems analyst would be to the sections here.

In particular you would get involved in where the project manager would be asking about where does the data conversion start coming from, can you fill this table for me, and where does the other test data coming? You’ll need to have a handle and a hook into the data conversion section, similarly any other test data that we used to get to produce, and who is going to produce that and where it’s going to come from, so that’s the important part of that document.


Testing Strategy Work Product

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Please download the presentation deck and wmv here:

Download Deck

Download Presentation WMV


Aidan and John.


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