Fifteen years ago, my friends at work laughed when I said I was leaving my permanent job to become an independent Oracle Financials consultant.

Now, having built a successful international consulting career and become the author of a book published by Oracle, they ask me how I did it.

Let me show you some of the most important shortcuts to creating the life you really want… on your own terms.

This Knowledge Will Help You:

  • Discover the Consulting Secrets That ALL Rich and Successful Consultants Use…
  • Position Yourself in the market as an Expert Oracle Consultant…
  • Package Your Experience so managers can understand exactly what you can do…
  • Promote Yourself, and your skills, within your current client & the wider market…
  • Partner With the Right People…

Wish I could say it was easy but it wasn’t. With just 18 months experience in Oracle Financials, I was running a risk in moving “too early” into consulting. Many questioned if I had enough experience to survive, especially as my first role was with Oracle HQ in London!

In truth I was taking a chance, but I quickly learned at first how to survive, then how to prosper in the exciting world of Oracle consulting!

I had always wanted a BLUEPRINT to show me the exact path to take but I couldn’t find one. I’ve read many books since on Consulting, Business, Entrepreneurship and Marketing; but the most valuable information, the most painful lessons were learned through my own trial and error.

What’s Up With This “Oracle Opportunity”?

I have always been one to review my consulting experiences, good & bad, and when I thought about it, I realized I had been working to a set of consulting “best practise” techniques in my everyday consulting role. Without realizing it, I was had developed a set of guiding principles that ensure success as an Oracle Consultant.

I developed this roadmap by studying consultants across the multiple projects I had worked on, and by trying various approaches to consulting problems, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing.

When I started the blog, the idea was to deliver the shortcuts, with entertaining and fun stories from the front-line that keep you reading, of exactly how I left the rat race to become a successful consultant. And then, more importantly, show you a blueprint of how you can do the same for yourself.

Working with Oracle on “ The Oracle Opportunity”?

I am also the author of a book “The Oracle Opportunity- A Blueprint for Success as an Oracle Consultant”. Once  I had completed the book I spread the good news by publishing on Oracle interest websites & blogs, telling as many people I could about this great new blueprint for Oracle EBusiness Consultants. Oracle had started an exclusive program of Oracle Influencers, so that consultants, industry analysts, bloggers & clients could share information on Oracle products.

They consider me to be an authority on Oracle consulting, and were looking to provide a tool to help Oracle consultants thrive in today’s market. The book was a perfect fit for them as it was directly aimed at all Oracle consultants, and not only specific to the EBusiness/Financials suite. We signed a royalty deal and Oracle now distribute my book to members of the exclusive program. Oracle are delighted with the results of the collaboration, and the book is very popular with members of the program!

On Perception and Reality

Before I started consulting I had a perception that Oracle Consultants knew everything about Oracle. At that stage I didn’t have a lot of experience in Oracle Financials, but consultants appeared to have all the knowledge at their fingertips.

I know now this is not the case. A consultant knows something about Oracle, but far from everything. They will have deep experience in some areas and very little knowledge in other areas. It is the soft skills, the experience consultants have, that allows them to re-use knowledge in one area of Oracle in other areas.

I found the same when I transformed my career from a technical consultant to a functional consultant. Before I switched the functional consultants appeared to know all areas of a module’s functionality, once I started talking to them I realized this wasn’t true. They do have the ability to re-use techniques from one area of Oracle to another.

Talk about a perspective shift.

That’s exactly what this was for me. See I had always wanted to go out on my own and start my own consulting business. There was a budding entrepreneur inside BUT… I always was too scared or made an excuse not to do it.

Well, after I took a risk and applied for my first consulting role, something inside of me changed. I realized that I had the power to make significant change to my career. It was up to me to look after my career. Only I could take the opportunities for advancement, only I could make the maximum of those opportunities. While I was happy enough in my permanent job, I knew it wasn’t the path that my life should be taking (does this sound familiar?)

So, I decided to make the jump into consulting and a few short months later went out on my own as an entrepreneur. I still remember the feeling of getting the plane to London the weekend before my first Monday in Oracle HQ. I was moving to a new city, getting an apartment and starting a new chapter in my career, all at the same time!

As I sit here writing this, I am smiling as I remember the excitement about a new part of my life just beginning. I was so excited about the possibilities, the location, the new people, the new role, everything coming together! It was an awesome feeling, I can tell you.

Not All Smooth Sailing

My consulting career wasn’t all fun and games. The main reason for the blog is to deliver some insight on what it really takes to be an Oracle consultant.

Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

I thought I could be a consultant, that’s why I made the jump, but I realized soon after I started consulting that my entire education and work experience so far had trained me to be an employee. Nothing I had learned in university or the workplace prepared me for a consulting lifestyle.

So I went through the process of being on my own after having been trained my entire life to be an employee. And wow was it tough! Not only was it difficult on me personally, it cost me some time and some money.

On Finding The Way

During the years I tried to increase my consulting skills by reading books on consulting, personal finance, marketing & business. I found a lot of generic, high-level good advice, but nothing that directly applied to Oracle Consulting.

So I looked around me, at the experienced consultants I met working in clients across Europe over almost 15 years, and reviewed what strategies had worked for me personally during my career.  In the blog, I share with you the “best of the best” so you can discover the shortcuts to success for yourself.

What Is Your Path?

Only you know the path that is right for you. Should you be an Oracle Consultant? Should you do your own thing or continue having a job? If you’re already an Oracle Consultant, how do you really find financial freedom and move up from “your job owning you”?

This blog will provide some answers and I hope be a guidepost on YOUR journey.

Looking back, I know that this knowledge would have kept me from making several big mistakes and kept a lot more money in my pocket. Now you can benefit from what I’ve already been through.

Whatever your goal is for your career, I hope you do it well and look back with no regrets. And, I hope my blog and the lessons within help you plot your career path much easier than if you didn’t read it.

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    Your write up is very encouraging and want to know more on setting up as an Oracle/Ebs independent consultant.

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    Hi dear
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    Nicely written, I worked in finance for 8 years, want to switch my career to oracle functional consulting. I have signed up for the newsletter, hoping to get more help from there.

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    Want to built my carrier as an oracle consultant but dont have any knowledge about that. I have a exerience of 8 years in accounts & finance so, please suggest me that which type of oracle consultant should i be and from which institute i should do that.

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    These words will give boost to every person who wants to start own consultant and Business. Thank You very much to Author of the Blog.Really Appreciated.

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