Aidan is a twenty-year Oracle veteran and the author of a published book “The Oracle Opportunity – A Blueprint for Success as an Oracle Consultant. Aidan has worked across Europe for Blue-Chip Multinational companies in London, New York, Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague and Frankfurt, and he is a Gold-Level Partner with Oracle Corporation.Aidan Duffy

If you are a functional consultant who thinks some technical expertize could be useful, or if you think more functional knowledge would be useful in your technical role, there’s plenty of useful information in my blog to help you bridge the “Functional/Technical divide”.

Another benefit of this site is to provide information for those who want to improve their  Oracle consultancy skills. The tips and tricks I have learned in my ten years-plus as an Oracle consultant will increase your skillset & accelerate your career path.

More about me:
I started my career in Oracle by luck rather than judgement, as my first company after college happened to have an Oracle database. In 1993 the IT sector had yet to take off in Ireland, so I was hired to process paper, in the back office. Once I was able to talk to the IT Director, he agreed to a trial period in his department.

I stayed back late, working on my own time, working through a Codd & Date SQL book, until I could select data to my boss’s satisfaction. I became a full member of the IT department, working on reports and forms. Once I had spent a couple of years there, I realized I wanted a new challenge, so I moved to work for another consultancy in the city centre.

This was my first taste of consulting, and I began to realize what was expected from an Oracle consultant, even though I was a permanent employee. I started to look for a move again again after a couple of years, and discovered the Oracle E-Business suite through a former colleague.

In my first E-Business role, for Symantec, I learned more about technical Oracle tasks, such as writing reports, forms & interfaces. I also started to learn about the system functionality of the Oracle E-Business suite, learning how Symantec used the modules for manufacturing and distribution of their products.

I learned a lot about how Oracle projects operate, from design reviews to go/no-go meetings and post go-live support. The other major discovery for me was that you could work as an Oracle consultant, as there were several Oracle consultants on the project.

Once I had the visibility of how to become a consultant, I quickly setup as one, and started my first consulting role, working for Oracle themselves, in Reading.

I have been working as a consultant since 1999. I can honestly say I have not regretted my decision to become a consultant for a minute, since I started more than ten years ago. I have been exposed to much, much, more working as a consultant than I could have hoped to in a non-consultancy role. I have worked all over Europe, and in the U.S. for major multinational companies, and met a huge number of great people while doing so.

Apart from the projects, the travel opportunities provided by different working locations are also something I would never have experienced otherwise. I can recommend the “Consulting life” wholeheartedly!

If you would like to work as an Oracle consultant, have a look at my “Consulting in Oracle” links, and see if you have what it takes to join me!